Performance400 is your GiAPA expert in the United States and Canada
Performance400 is your GiAPA expert in the United States and Canada 

What do GiAPA customers have to say?

GiAPA Customers


Kühne & Nagel (AG & Co.) KG, Hamburg, Germany

Obtained close to 1 million ROI on GiAPA - this not including business benefits due to improved run times.


Nordea Liv & Pension, Stockholm, Sweden

Critical monthly job reduced from 83 to 25 hours.


Cordes und Graefe KG, Bremen, Germany

Untraditional way of saving disk I/Os reduced run time for batch job by 86 %.


Tele Columbus GmbH in Hannover, Germany

Advanced capacity planning problem solved by GiAPA's detailed report on peaks.


Kühne & Nagel (AG & Co.) KG, Hamburg, Germany

GiAPA Trace Job analysis succeeds in documenting complex printing delays.


Galexis AG, Niederbipp, Switzerland

Reason for excessive storage usage documented down to job name.

Tony Curtis, President
27 Highland St.
Palmer, MA 01069
(413) 284-2323

Industry News

Introducing a revolutionary new iSeries Application Performance tool that can save you a lot of time, resources and money!

Check out this short video to learn more: Check out this short video to learn more.

GiAPA is designed to increase the speed at which applications run on your system which will cause you to spend less time waiting on applications to generate the reports you need. GiAPA can reduce the amount of CPU usage needed to run those applications causing you to use fewer resources to accomplish the same ends. Ultimately GiAPA empowers you to do more with less and eliminate or delay the need to purchase additional system resources or upgrades.

GiAPA monitors your system usage 24/7 and collects detailed data to pinpoint unique events such as when an application:

1. slows down for no apparent reason 

2. demands higher than expected CPU usage.


These events are reported in a concise and easy to follow format explaining the exact cause of each and how best to correct it.

GiAPA does this in the background using minimal resources and will continue to monitor and report any new issues that crop up with upgrades, applications or even new users.

If GiAPA's cost exceeded it's benefits then we would never be able to interest anyone in even trying GiAPA.
But GiAPA's track record (Return-on-Investment) is well documented by those that are already using GiAPA.
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